The Connect2SmallPorts and SECMAR partnerships initiate a joint online workshop at the end of June / early July. Both projects see a lot of common issues for individual sessions and a good opportunity to reach a high number of interested stakeholder by unifying forces.

Curently, a hybrid of live presentations and pre-recorded videos is in the development, since we are cooperating with interesting key-note speakers from all over the world. Additionally, gained insights and knowledge will be transferred to an online course available on our website which is open for all interested stakeholder in the field of digitalization, IoT and Blockchain.

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About SECMAR project:

The project deals with the emerging field of maritime cybersecurity. As the maritime transport sector is undergoing rapid digital transformation, the issues of security is falling behind. Yet, security is essential for the successful implementation of digitalisation measures aiming to make transport more effective, economical and sustainable. Furthermore, substandard security (both in hardware, software and usage) can expose sensitive information leading to security breaches that enable attacks, crime and espionage.
The ultimate aim of this project will be to increase the level of security in the ongoing digitalisation of the shipping and logistics sector, through connecting maritime stakeholders with the IT-sector and the academic fields of cybersecurity, Big Data and Internet of Things. Through this approach the project supports digitalisation measures that contributes to improved quality and greener transports.