Activity 6.2 Study Visit at Seaport of Wismar

Alongside the final partner meeting held in Wismar, the consortium organized a Study Visit at the Seaport of Wismar on 10th of May 2022. The main purpose of the visit was to present the developed and implemented pilot measurements of the project.

At first, our colleagues of the seaport provided a short presentation of digitalisation initiatives planned beyond the project implementation. Besides discussions on the 5G Campus, autonomous driving and fully automated ship loader, the consortium elaborated the possibilities of including such pilot plans into the follow-up project DigiTechPort to continue the cooperation within the programme.

Afterwards, a short visit of the port area was done to showcase the port facilities in general, but also the real applications and benefits on port site resulting from digital pilots.

Lastly, the partnership had the opportunity to test one pilot measurement based on VR-glasses, which is mainly used to increase the opportunities for education the trainees in the Seaport of Wismar.