Match Making and Transfer of Sustainability

This section is intended to multiply and valorise the achieved results within the SB region and outside. Since digitalisation, Blockchain and IoT technologies in transport in the SB area new (although already acknowledged and clearly supported by the industry and policy in other regions, e.g. US, Germany, UK, etc.), a special focus needs to be done in order to ensure the value transfer of digitalisation for the transport sector. WP6 covers the following:

1) Transfer of the gathered knowledge to the target groups outside the project – core ports, other small ports in the BSR, NSR, thematic experts, port authorities, municipalities, transport planners. Furthermore, the internationalisation of the project value added us ensured through inter-project cooperation. Networking and qualification of the project outputs avoiding any duplication of the activities and ensuring sustainability.

2) Implementation of internal and external validation of the project achievements during the entire life. Internal project evaluation is already ensured by submitted regular milestone-based progress reports. Externally, experts will be hired to evaluate the project without any partiality. This will be done with three evaluation reports. Responsible Partners will prepare at the beginning of the project the external evaluation matrix incl. the requirements, potential evaluators contact lists, tasks, scope and deadlines to be controlled by the external evaluators. The partner will ensure attracting one expert from industry for the external evaluation from the region, one from the BSR and from outside – e.g. EC, US, UK, etc.

3) Preparation of the introduced mechanisms to be used in the future – a) digitalisation and benchmarking index – online tool that will be used to include new subscribing ports to this service. Some rewarding incentives can be proposed in close cooperation with port authorities and municipalities for ports that transfer to the use or introduction of the tools by the project. We claim to have the authority support, since some of them act as direct partners; b) academia introducing the developed training contents and simulation tools and methods in transport and digital logistics courses (e.g. Wismar, Klaipeda, Gdynia, Karlskrona); c) Digitalisation Forum Small Ports organised 1 / year for min. 5 years beyond the project life. Costs shared by direct partners, implemented at university premises – no facility cost. Catering costs can be covered from participating industry partners – e.g. ABB; Emmerson, etc.

Working Package Outcomes:

Activity 6.2 Study Visits 

The project aims to implement Study Visits in bigger core ports to learn from the top-players in terms of actual use of Blockchain and IoT in ports. Gained knowledge and insights shall be transferred to the requirements of small and medium sized ports to improve their digital performances. Next to the project partner representatives Connect2SmallPorts offers all stakeholders and target group representatives to join the organized Study Visits.

Study Visits planned / implemented:

Port of Antwerp, 19.06.2019 – more…

Port of Turku & Helsinki – cancelled due to Corona-Virus

Port of Singapore

Port of Valencia