Match Making and Transfer of Sustainability

One key pillar of the project is to multiply and valorise the achieved results within the SB region and outside. This includes the overall aim to keep our gained insights and results sustained to increase awareness of the digital transformation in ports and the transport sector in general. Hence, we as a project want to learn from the forerunners in the sector (e.g. through Study Visits) and adapt best practices to the SB and beyond for small and medium-sized ports. Generally, our activities are based on three core parts:

1) Transfer of the gathered knowledge to the target groups outside the project – core ports, other small ports in the BSR, NSR, thematic experts, port authorities, municipalities, transport planners.

2) Implementation of internal and external validation of the project achievements during the entire life.

3) Preparation of the introduced mechanisms to be used in the future – a) digitalisation and benchmarking index; b) academia introducing the developed training contents and simulation tools and methods in transport and digital logistics courses; c) Digitalisation Forum for Small Ports

Connect2SmallPorts Channel:

The developed Channel is providing Videos on Demand of implement Transport Forums hosted by Connect2SmallPorts to share knowledge and give the floor to experts in digital transformation of the maritime as well as port sector. Also, a list of our key note speakers is offered including additional readings on presented topics. Furthermore, the channel is used as a platform to offer a stage for other projects dealing with innovation development and application in the maritime field. To join the channel, just register yourself – of course for free – and utilize from the provided content.