Connect2SmallPorts project invites you to have a look into recordings of online event that was held on 18th November 2021.
This online seminar aimed to have an in-depth presentation of innovative digital technology solutions used by Baltic ports. The lessons learned from going through such projects could help in the creation of digitalization strategies in smallports located in the BSR area.
You are welcome to visit Connect2SmallPorts webpage and sign in to #Channel subsection to find Port Digitalization Technologies seminar & more videos on the project’s activities and pilots actions: CHANNEL

Jani Lindroos, Development Manager at Port of Helsinki, presented the updated Digital Transformation Strategy of the port, Olli Auer, Chief Operating Officer, offered a live demonstration of GISGRO’s digital port asset system and its functionalities. Unfortunately, Niklas Lundkvist, Application Development and System Manager at Port of Stockholm, had to shortly cancel the participation, however, moderator Christopher Meyertook over the presentation to provide some insights of the Smart Port Communication System for logistical check-in processes in the port.