After more than two years, the Connect2SmallPorts project partners finally met again physically. The Lead Partner invited all partners to come to Wismar on 10th and 11th of May 2022 for the Final Partner Meeting as well as two Study Visits: Seaport of Wismar and Rostock Port.

Starting on Tuesday morning, the partners met to discuss the remaining issues of the project. As the implementation phase ends at 30.06.2022, not much time is left to finalise remaining activities. However, due to smooth project implementation and cooperation, the majority of tasks is accomplished. Therefore, the meeting had only two main topics on the agenda: Final reporting and Final Conference. Whereas the reporting was presented by the Lead Partner to make sure eligibility of all finances alongside the programme rules, the Final Conference organisation led to intensive discussions how to set up an attractive agenda as well as represent the successful project implementation towards different target groups.

The Final Conference will be held at 14th & 15th of June in Gdynia, Poland. If you want to read more about the event and its program, follow this LINK.

In the afternoon of the first day, colleagues from Seaport of Wismar took over. Firstly, a presentation was given to the consortium on current digitalization initiatives rising from the project implementation. Afterwards, all partners had the opportunity for a study visit to the port area to see the practical application of the digitalization pilots developed in our project.

On second day, another study visit was on the agenda – Rostock Port. Taking a bus from Wismar, the consortium was invited to have a look into the port area. This guided tour allowed some insights and impressions of port facilities and operations done in partly restricted areas, such as the bulk and cargo terminals as well as ferry and Ro-Ro areas.

After coming back to Wismar, the consortium decided to add some social programme in the late afternoon. The Lead Partner took over a quite new role of being a tour guide for the old-town of Wismar – an UNESCO World Heritage site. Besides sharing information on the different highlight in the old-town as well as history of Wismar, the tour has been another proof for the great team spirit in this consortium as well as a great closure of this two days meeting.