This report is part of a deliverable assigned by the Connect2Small Ports Project and summarizes the main results of project implementation. The report was compiled by the project partner Motus Foundation and with the support of the consortium as well as the Associated Partner Baltic Ports Organization.

PLEASE NOTE: The current version will be updated by port pilots presentation being developed and implemented in the project soon.

The core objectives of the present study are:

  • to map the digitalisation projects in ports from the Baltic Sea Region in recent years,
  • to analyse the distribution of digitalisation projects according to corresponding port processes and port areas,
  • to explore the varying management’s motivations for the implemented digitalisation projects,
  • to detect main human resources in ports that are responsible for the implementation of digitalisation projects,
  • to derive recommendations for future digitalisation projects and trainings in fellow ports.

The report is divided into three parts:

  1. The first part concerns the analysis of results of questionnaire which was conducted among representatives of selected Baltic ports.
  2. The second part describes the main operations in ports and the digitization technologies that are implemented in selected Baltic ports to improve the efficiency of the port’s processes.
  3. The last, third part focuses on the conclusions and proposals of future work that will allow smaller Baltic seaports to develop faster and more effectively on the market.

Key words: digital technologies, Baltic sea ports, BSR, ports, projects