The Connect2SmallPorts project is glad to publish our Benchmarking Report on yielded results of implemented digital auditing in small and medium-sized ports. In total, 37 seaports were audited including Port of Valencia as forerunner in digital transition and benchmark for ports in Europe.

In 2020, the project collected data in cooperation with ports via interviews and an online questionnaire, based on the developed DRIP Score within the project. Hence, we are glad to finally present the results and finish this task. However, the project is already planning to adjust the questionnaire according to new insights and needs of small and medium-sized ports in line with their environmental performances and how digitalisation can contribute in reducing emissions in port ecosystems.

The full report is available on Connect2SmallPorts website, also we are working on an interactive small ports map integrating the yielded results as well as further project activities – check it out here!