The Connect2SmallPorts consortium was invited to present the project and its outcomes in the well-known Harbour Review. Volume 3/2020 was published in September with the title “Small ports vs big issues” containing several articles about future development of small ports:

A balance between efficiency and sustainability

– Interview with Villu Vatsfeld, CEO, Saarte Liinid, and Chairman, the Baltic Ports Organization’s Comprehensive Ports Working Group

Przemysław Myszka

Go digital, go green!

– The future of smaller ports

Annaleena Mäkilä

At the (digital) edge

– The Connect2SmallPorts project

Christopher Meyer, Krzysztof Kożyczkowski, Laima Gerlitz, Emil Arolski, and Robert Philipp

Taking matters into their own hands

– Secondary ports in France

Paul Tourret

When push comes to shove

– Building up port resilience in both the short- and long term

Victor Shieh

Time and again

– Capturing the economic importance of ports across-the-board

Ralf Fiedler

Better than anyone

– The importance of smaller ports
– for shipping, heavy-duty industries, wind energy, and the future of the EU TEN-T

Ewelina Synak

Enablers of green logistics

– How are European inland ports becoming fit-for-future

Turi Fiorito