Overview of the course Welcome to the short course on Designing Creative Industries, which is based on the CTCC project! We have a number of modules prepared in which [...]

Module 1

Welcome to Module 1What is Creativity & Innovation In this Module you will: Learn to differentiate between creativity and innovation.Gain insight on ways to innovate with examples from industry.Examine [...]

Module 2

Welcome to Module 2Qualities of an Innovative Person In this Module you will: Identify what are the qualities of an innovative person.Learn about tools to embrace creativity and innovation.

Module 3

Welcome to Module 3Tools to Develop Innovative Skills In this Module you will: Learn attributes that help in developing the necessary skills to be innovative.Identify a number of tools [...]

Module 4

Welcome to Module 4Methods, Technologies and Tools for Creativity In this Module you will: Learn what is Design Thinking and why it is a very common way for identifying [...]

Module 5

Welcome to Module 5Case Studies One of the major deliverables from the CTCC project was to identify a number of companies to be short listed for prototyping. From over [...]


Welcome to Final Module Hurray! You’ve made it to the final module! We are incredibly excited to share with you a collection of International workshop videos. You can view [...]

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